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  1. Hi Jacqui I have recently started writing my blog in EverNote from a template, then copy / pasting to WP for markup and publishing. Im not sure what the issue is unless you are wanting a single button process from within EN? If you look at the template and process I derived mine from here - thanks Michael Hyatt - you can see there are numerous steps. This workflow and checklist really helped me although I use WP like you - not MarsEdit). Ultimately someone will create a tool where we can do all the markup etc in EverNote and press one button, but for now I think it's a case of write the first text only drafts in EN and copy paste, as long as you use the insert text tool in WP ( the small icon that opens a window to paste your content). This strips any unnecessary codes before inserting into WP. Does that help? Have a I missed the point? Until EN or some third party like Pistach.io come up with a tool to do all the same markup, image insertions etc etc that WP does I think you are better off with this workflow anyway. I use a great SEO plugin after I have all my text, headings, imagery etc sorted in WP and I cant see EN having all such functions incorporated easily. Cheers,
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