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  1. This is NEEDED big time! I am using evernote on all platforms and was about to buy a chromebook and then checked out this. I understand that evernote might be thinking that this is such a minor market segment not worth putting effort... Why not make strategic partnership with one of the existing offline note taking apps on chromebook store and allow sync? Evernote did that with many apps over all platforms allready! Pls! Give us some attention, you can do it in no time... I am sure some of this offline note taking developers would be more than happy to work with evernote and do all the work on their own.
  2. Evernote should be making mindmaping extension on their own. It would be so supercool being able to connect notes into mindmap and then use mindmap as launcher for notes. Also exploring connection between notes would be very useful. At the end of the day thats why one takes notes and making notebooks and stacks ... its about seeing the bigger picture.
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