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  1. I use Evernote on my phone to create short recordings instead of typing. However, for some reason, when I view the note on my desktop (Windows) Evernote there is no way to play these recordings. Same thing happens when I record sound with Evernote for Windows.

    There used to be a play and pause/stop button, but now I can only see the name of the recording and a timestamp. What happened?

    Screenshots showing how it used to be "buttons" (found online) and what do I see now "no_buttons".



  2. I am using version

    I have a note called "Domácí cvičení".

    When I select this and few other notes
    right click
    select "Export Notes..."
    select "Export as multiple Web pages (.html)"
    open Evernote_index.html in Chrome
    click on link "Domácí cvičení"
    I get an error:

    Your file was not found
    It may have been moved or deleted.

    This is because link in the Evernote_index.html is 
    instead of

    Try it yourself:

  3. On 9/10/2013 at 9:16 PM, DVM said:



    I see you're using V4 of Evernote so I'm not sure the following will work for you but...


    In V5, hold the "Shift" key while clicking the triangle next to the "Notebooks" header and everything in that section will collapse. If you open up "Notebooks" again (by clicking the triangle) you'll see that all of the stacks will remain collapsed until you click on the individual stack's triangle. If you don't hold the "Shift" key while clicking the triangle next to the "Notebooks" header, everything will collapse but if you open up "Notebooks" again (by clicking the triangle) every stack that was expanded before, and only those stacks, will still be expanded.

    This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you.

    Hold "Shift" key while clicking the triangle next to the "Notebooks" header.


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