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  1. User has to double click the audio file icon to play the recording. I didn't know that. It's a bit unintuitive. Thanks
  2. I use Evernote on my phone to create short recordings instead of typing. However, for some reason, when I view the note on my desktop (Windows) Evernote there is no way to play these recordings. Same thing happens when I record sound with Evernote for Windows. There used to be a play and pause/stop button, but now I can only see the name of the recording and a timestamp. What happened? Screenshots showing how it used to be "buttons" (found online) and what do I see now "no_buttons".
  3. I would not request this feature, however I have found out that Encrypt Selected Text has a length limit. It would be also more user-friendly to allow to encrypt whole note without having to select entire content of the note first.
  4. I am using version I have a note called "Domácí cvičení". When I select this and few other notes right click select "Export Notes..." select "Export as multiple Web pages (.html)" open Evernote_index.html in Chrome click on link "Domácí cvičení" I get an error: Your file was not found It may have been moved or deleted. ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND This is because link in the Evernote_index.html is file:///C:/Users/rluks/Downloads/t1/Dom%E1c%ED%20cvi%C4%8Den%ED.html instead of file:///C:/Users/rluks/Downloads/t1/Dom%C3%A1c%C3%AD%20cvi%C4%8Den%C3%AD.html Try it yourself: https://www.evernote.com/pub/rluks/testcz
  5. This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you. Hold "Shift" key while clicking the triangle next to the "Notebooks" header.
  6. I would like to have option to set reminder to repeat every day (maybe also week, month). Manually setting reminder each day for the next is cumbersome.
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