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  1. My desktop did have the pop-up one time, but on my android it is a pop-up prompt every time I click share. Not even just in the list ... a push for work chat. I do not like it
  2. My desktop did have the pop-up one time, but on my android it is a pop-up prompt every time I click share. Not even just in the list ... a push for work chat. I do not like it
  3. me too! I am a sole proprietor, premium user, use this for work and business, but do not have any need for Work Chat. I think it is probably a great addition, but want to be able to turn it off and turn off all annoying popup messages about it. please! I have it removed from my left bar, but I still get all kinds of reminders. Looking forward to this in future updates. thanks much!
  4. Today after receiving yet more replies to this thread I started, I decided to create a support ticket to Evernote. Here is the response. Maybe not as great as it could be, but hopeful I think.
  5. me too ... this is EXACTLY how I used to use evernote toolbar. in Chrome (and IE) it is called the bookmark bar. Settings > Always Show Bookmarks bar it would be nice if Evernote wanted to get rid of this handy toolbar, they made it optional instead.
  6. I agree!!! Loved that new note one-click. And maybe people think a few clicks aren't that different, but these were the differences evernote made to me. OMG I have tried virtually every organizer/list/to-do on the market because I am a freak about lists and they make me feel organized and then ... voila! .... my tasks accomplish themselves. I have loved evernote from the day I started with it, became Premium almost immediately, recommend it often ... but ... am disappointed with the recent changes. Evernote ... are you listening??? These changes should be very simple to reinstal
  7. there is the million-dollar-question ... no one is saying, please remove any changes ... please take away the left panel. What we are saying is this: If this has been the subject of discussion for quite some time ... why can't we have both? The space where the favorites used to be drag-able is now empty. Why can't we choose to put whatever fits into that space? If you don't want to use it, don't. But why is it so important that all users be forced to change their work habits?
  8. It's not a question of whether we all agree about what these were called. Or whether Evernote actually intended to remove the favorites bar cross-platform. The real question here is ... now that Evernote is aware of how many of us really preferred that little top bar ... why not add it back? What reason caused it to be deleted? Something important ... like ... it was causing coding conflicts or the like? or was it just some developer/designer's idea to take it off because it looks 'cleaner' and duplicates the left sidebar? Because ... if that's the reason ... bring it back and make it
  9. ohhhhh ... that's not good. I also prefer not to use the left panel. it is only confusing and extraneous for me. I use Evernote like crazy but keep it kind of as a rolling to-do list between three notes and then all the other stuff is my "completed" filing cabinet. I appreciate the answer I will quit looking for what is not there.
  10. before the new update, I had notes and notebooks that I use regularly on a toolbar across the top. I just drag the title of one I wanted to use regularly and it would add it, just like adding an icon to my windows quick link toolbar. Now I can't find it. is it a feature no longer included or am I just an idiot that can't figure it out ??? thanks much!
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