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  1. Multi-level note books was my first thought when first seeing Evernote a long while ago, but making extensive use of tags is effective. I agree that hierarchical notebooks would be an improvement though.
  2. I support the comments made here about the new UI. It's a big mistake I feel. Just hoping enough people comment on this to cause the Evernote team to take early action over what I feel is a complete oversight.
  3. Murraybarn - I couldn't agree more, the user interface change is awful! I signed up to the forum purely to make the same comment, but pleased to see I'm not the only one. Your comment about everything being grey and merging together is absolutely spot on. To me it's a case of over-engineering, the UI team have got too much time on their hands. The previous UI attracted me to the application because the different elements of the application were clearly defined, the new interface turns me off. Evernote be warned: even though the functionality is great, a UI like this could have a serious impact on new sign ups and customer retention... never mind my enjoyment of the app. Come on other forum members, speak up and maybe we'll get some colour back in our lives!
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