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  1. Is there a place other than here where we can report this as a bug and get the developers' attention?
  2. I'm experiencing an odd behavior that I'd like to report. My setup is Evermore v5.4 on a Nexus 7 2013 tablet, stock Android 4.3, locale is Canada-French. When notes are fairly long, the one in the attached picture about 5000 words or ~25,000 characters, adding text near the top of the note break the flow of text. Lines get overlapped in some spots while blank lines sometimes appear in others. The more text I add (or remove), the worse the problem gets. If I close the note and reenter edit mode, everything's fine until I start adding more text. This doesn't happen when I'm closer to the bottom of the note or with shorter notes. Is anyone else experiencing this? Would you care to try to reproduce this behavior by cut&pasting a large chunk of text in a new note and reporting the result, what device you are on, OS version, etc.
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