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  1. Hi I posted and got some answers from Enrico Nahler, but the trouble below I do think is a bug. ------ I have followed some of the guidelines online and starting to tag my notes For the important ones that I have to keep up easily I use the !todo tag Just discovered that I just made a mistake and while standing in the shortcut for !todo-tags, I accidently removed the tag Tried in desktop version just to do a "Edit/Undo" but the note don't get the tag back! Why is this? The Undo seems not to work properly, or do you have some good explanation why this behavior should be? - - - - Hi. This is Enrico. I am an Evernote Certified Consultant and member of the Expert Network. Experts are experienced Evernote users who assist the Support Staff by helping to solve issues that fellow Evernote users experience while using Evernote. I am not affiliated with Evernote and have no access to your account or your personal information. I will do my best to help you resolve the issue you are experiencing with the edit/undo feature. The undo button works for changes made in the note editor. Tags are note meta data and shortcuts are part of the organizational structure. If you deleted the tag from your shortcuts section you can simply add it back to the shortcuts section, like you initially did. If you have further questions, I am here to help. 8 other experts are backing this answer YOU You Hi Well everything is meta data as far as I see it, the note, the content of the note, the tags associated with the note and so on... Properties of a note should be able to undo If I by mistake clicks a tag and the note dissapear because the view dont show that tag , how should I be able to find that particular note so I can restore the previous tag, since it's not in the "clipboard" if you understand what I mean.. .:) - - - - - Conclusion: I want the option to undo a removal of a tag, just as the same as if I delete a word from the note. Brgds Uffe
  2. +1 for this The ` to activate, is on the Swedish char "Ö" which means every time I try to write text with "Ö" included, evernote pops up Now I have totally disabled shortcuts, but instead, give us possibility to change Now I even plan on uninstall evenote app in Chrome since it gives me so much headache... Whats the status update for this??
  3. Thanks! Hope to see it implemented soon! Keep up the good job!
  4. Why is there a huge amount of white space? When I have my browser a bit minified, I can't even see the tag area, and I can't even scroll down to see it https://www.dropbox.com/s/490enoju7vqowby/WhiteSpace.JPG
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