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  1. Hey there, I'm looking to record some task, especially for studies. At work, I use the Journal function in Outlook, which is quite nice as u write the topic, press record, if u do a break or finish the task u record u just stop it. I'm looking for something similar for EN preferable an app which is available for both, OSX and iOS. I found an app called vJournal for EN, will this app contain the functionalities I looking for or do u have any other ideas? thx
  2. Thanks Guys! This is what I thought. Will see if I can find some work arounds. Cheers
  3. Hi There, I'm using Evernote in my private live for a quite while. What make Evernote special to me is the combination of digital world and analog Evernote Moleskine Notebook. Now I wanted to adopt this great opportunity into my business area. However, and here come the crutshes, due to our company's IT policy, we are not allowed to use any cloud tools that stores information/data outside our company network storage realm. I mean, I'm absolutely in line with that policy. Companies has to secure their intellectual property (IP). But the same gives you limitation also. Outlook's notes that can be synced via Exchange Server is not a good option at all. So wondering if there's a different way to sync an offline notebook, not using Evernote's cloud syncronization. E.g. using the Evernote App to sync via W-Lan or USB connected mobile devices. Not sure if such alternative ways of notebook syncronization is part of Evernote's product policy? As somehow you have to earn some money. I think is worth to evaluate the question about alternative sync methods. There are a lot of people became doubtful since the PRISM desaster and the way NSA practice to access to data, stored on US based cloud servers. I don't want to start discussion on this topic, please don't reply to that. I'm only interessted in alternative sync methods for my working envoriment and perhaps when I have my owncloud up and running I could continue use Evernote with my owncloud. Personally I'm fine to pay for an Evernote Version that offers alternative sync methods, like owncloud sync or via USB/WLAN, if Evernote would not earn money for this option. It would give benefit to me, which is worth some money to pay. Thx for ur reply!
  4. Thx Mashugana raising this question, I had the same in my mind this morning :-) . Jefito, any ideas or reference suggestion about different ways of organizing projects in Evernote. Any source that helps to find a way is appreciated.
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