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  1. This worked for me ...i had an audio recording on evernote on ipad that wont synch, thus not allowing me to send the file or access from Evernote on my laptop. This is the workaround : On the ipad : 1 duplicate the note with the embedded audio recording 2 export , this will allow you to send the file via e-mail, so send the file to yourself On the laptop 3 download the file you emailed to yourself 4 open the downloaded file on evernote on the web, check to see if you can open the file from evernote On the ipad 5 delete the copies of the note ( optional step), so you wont get annoying unsynched notification as well On the laptop 6 synch evernote Once done you will now have a copy of the audio on both web and ipad app. Hope this works.
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