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  1. This is such a clever hack of text expanders. I use one for Mac called aText, but it doesn't have the ability to listen for keys, only text replacement. I've been thinking of switching to a different program for awhile, and this may be the motivation I need to make the jump. It's pretty annoying having to do a search in the universal search box, then click on a note, than do cmd-F, then cycle through each occurrence in the note. Seems like the most natural thing you'd want to do after doing a global search is see all the specific places it appears. Thanks!
  2. +1 to this idea. It would allow much finer-grained control of links between notes, allowing us to jump quickly between sections of notes. Another way to do this would be inline tags. Allow us to write #keyword anywhere in the body of the note, and be able to search for these inline tags separately from the note title, note tags, and normal text.
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