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  1. This is such a clever hack of text expanders. I use one for Mac called aText, but it doesn't have the ability to listen for keys, only text replacement. I've been thinking of switching to a different program for awhile, and this may be the motivation I need to make the jump. It's pretty annoying having to do a search in the universal search box, then click on a note, than do cmd-F, then cycle through each occurrence in the note. Seems like the most natural thing you'd want to do after doing a global search is see all the specific places it appears. Thanks!
  2. +1 to this idea. It would allow much finer-grained control of links between notes, allowing us to jump quickly between sections of notes. Another way to do this would be inline tags. Allow us to write #keyword anywhere in the body of the note, and be able to search for these inline tags separately from the note title, note tags, and normal text.
  3. After much experimentation, I realized that for me Evernote was not ideal as a task manager. It is designed to do everything, when I need something faster, simpler, and more focused for task management. I've helped a lot of people get set up with a basic GTD system, so I created an online course on using Evernote to implement GTD-based workflows on Skillshare: Would love to get feedback/reactions from all of you on the content.
  4. Hi Evernote community, I've just launched an online course on using Evernote for productivity and workflow design: http://skl.sh/15EHjT9 My goal is to get people who are new to Evernote/GTD set up with a solid workflow and system that they can measure and improve over time. You can sign up for 25% off using code EVERNOTE, and I'd love to hear your thoughts on the course content. Tiago
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