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  1. New Flat 5.0 Appearance - Hard to Use: I just updated to 5.0.2 for Windows from 4.6.7. For me,the update introduced a new, flatter, visual appearance. Overall I like the direction. However I am really struggling with the lack of contrast across the whole UI - contrast in terms of value and in terms of color. Everything is some shade of white or light gray or lighter gray. The lack of contrast is literally making the application hard to use. I almost get a sense of vertigo as my eyes struggle to separate the note reading pane from the note list from the sidebar. I am no UI expert, but I think it has something to do with my peripheral vision. Without any conscious effort my peripheral vision constantly provides information about my surroundings. For Evernote this means I was always aware of the various sections/panes and I can jump directly to the location I need without any effort. With the ultra-flat style my peripheral vision is all just one light-gray blur - my peripheral vision is basically telling me I'm lost in a snowstorm. To find what I need, I have to use my center vision and scan the whole application in order to re-orient myself. This takes several tedious milliseconds and is actually quite fatiguing after only only a short while. Just wanted to add my voice in case other people are having the same issue. Maybe you can boost the contrast a bit or maybe we could get an option to change the colors/contrast/theme of the app? Also +1 for other people commenting on how they miss the green notebook icons. Those are another nice visual cue - I am aware of them even when I'm not looking directly at them. And of course the color makes it immediately clear if the item I'm looking at is a notebook or a note without having to even think about it. In any case I was able to install a previous version no-problem, so cheers for making that easy. Thanks.
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