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  1. That's not really a toolbar so much as a note information panel, much like the one that was in the same place in the V4 Evernote, except that it doesn't offer multiple levels of detail (I imagine that the multiple levels of detail was confusing to users, and not particularly discoverable, and that's why they changed it). The V4 panel was not entirely removable, and so far as I know, neither is this one. It does appear that you may be able to customize some of the items that appear in the first row via the registry (value "NoteInfoToolbarConfig1" is what I see), but I haven't tried it. No need for the registry here, you can just right click that area as well, and edit the items on that toolbar.I don't think it is removable though, and I don't think there is a way to make it any smaller Thanks for the replies guys. Actually it was completely removable in version 4. Anyway, I tried right-clicking and removing some of the elements. Now looks like this: As you can see it does not decrease the size of this toolbar/GUI-area/menu item. Seeing as how I cannot right-click the area to get the menu item backs, it is in fact now an even bigger waste of screen real estate! Same goes for the height ot the main toolbars now that I am at it
  2. Hi All, first time poster here. My Evernote just updated to Overall I quite like it, particularly that the left panel is no longer mainly green. That said, there is now this toolbar above an open note which takes up a ridiculous amount of screen real estate. Is there anyway to hide this toolbar: Thanks, Anders
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