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  1. Windows I do have one big complaint going from version 4.x o 5.x. Why have the icons next to the notes been removed? I prefered using my windows version over the mac version just for the reason that the windows version had the icons. The icons allowed me to quickly know which notes or notebooks were being shared with me. Now I have to use more mouse clicks to determine which ones are shared. Why would you make a user use more mouse clicks to do anything when the icons were a very simple and elegant solution? Mac I was hoping to see these icons show up in the Mac version along with seeing more text/font icons. I understand why the mac and windows versions actually look different but why would there be different buttons visible between the two versions? As I move between my mac and windows computers I actually have to remember how to do things because there are obvious differences. Why would you make design decisions like that? I feel this new version is a step back. As the IT director, I suggested our dept at our university purchase the premium version so we could start doing better collaboration with each other since I felt Evernote was better than using Sharepoint but now I'm starting to regret that decision. Why?
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