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  1. Make that nearly 10 years. Pretty pathetic. They have no problems taking your money though. But fix a simple usability bug that has existed for a decade that prevents your users from correctly pasting content into a note? Nope. God forbid they do anything about that.
  2. Hey Gock, not too sure if it's just me but I'm not getting any scroll bars when using Marxico web. Though there does seem to be scroll bars in the Chrome app. Any way to get scroll bars in the web view?
  3. @gock Oh wow... I was using Marxico on a different PC and must have thought that the styles were changed in Marxico itself because my custom styles from my other Marxico settings werent there. I completely forgot about the css settings and that's exactly why it looked different before. I had added some custom rules that I just completely forgot about. I've now copied the rules over to the my other PC and everything looks the same again. Thanks for the reminder
  4. Hey Gock, Not too sure if I'm missing something but I noticed that Marxico no longer adds a nice horizontal rule beneath sub headers. Is there any way to get this back? It really makes the notes easier to read as they help the sub headings stand out better - plus it looks a lot nicer. It also looks like the default fonts have changed? How the markdown looked in a previous version of Marxico: How the same markdown looks in the current ver: Not trying to sound picky here. I am really interested in getting the underlining for the sub headings back as I think they are very important to the visual flow of our notes. I also think the font from the previous Marxico looks cleaner as well. On the bright side, it looks like the newer code coloring is more conducive to the Monokai code coloring scheme and removing the underline of anchor text looks great too
  5. This app is incredible. I've only discovered it yesterday and I've completely stopped using Evernote to edit my notes, only to organize them. Prior to this I was in the process of using Markdownpad to create my notes in markdown and then copy and paste but this app does such a better job as it can easily retrieve and edit notes that have been created in markdown inside of EN without having to copy/paste into another editor and then back into EN. I also can't believe the features that are already built-in. It feels like this app has been refined over the course of months or even years of feedback. Truly amazing. It even has some features that Markdownpad does NOT have that that app is considered a full-featured markdown editor. Just crazy. If I were to make a couple of suggestions it would be to auto sync more frequently and without a prompt, and also the addition of a spell checker (underline misspelled words and right click to correct) would be awesome. Thanks for everything. All EN power users need to know about this! We can finally create structured, easy to read, and beautiful notes with little to NO effort. And the best part? BUILT-IN CODE HIGHLIGHTING. Seriously this feels too good to be true. haha.
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