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  1. I notice you're talking about a pre-release version here, but in the release version ( Windows) you *can* use subtraction modifiers on reminderTime. For instance, I have a note with a reminder of 10/23. (Today is 10/31.) If I do a search for reminderTime:year-1 it shows up. If I do a search for reminderTime:day-30 it shows up. If I do a search for reminderTime:day-1 it does not show up (but other notes with reminders do). So if subtraction modifiers are not working in the prerelease version you're using then that's a regression that they'll hopefully fix. And just for completeness sake, addition modifiers on reminderTime do *not* work at all (in the release version). I've mentioned this further up-thread with examples. Without proper search functionality working, reminders are about a fourth as useful as they could/should be.
  2. I'd love to know your search syntax so I can set up a search like this...
  3. If you'll notice, I put it in single quotes, and even qualified it with "(choose whatever word you want there)". There were items further down in my post where I used double quotes, because I was directly quoting you there. Are you really that pedantic, you didn't notice the difference, or the qualifier? You certainly criticized me for trying to say I thought they should put it at the top of their priority list (which I didn't do, see previous posts). I did not say their project management as a whole has failed, as you are implying here (again, putting words in my mouth... you've heard of straw man arguments haven't you?). I said their project management has failed in one aspect. Now am I saying that one aspect is pretty darned important? Yes. But I did not say what you're implying I said. For having said earlier that you see no need to moderate me, you sure seem hell-bent on squelching me. I am simply a customer, a potential paying customer, expressing my views here on an open forum. Why do you keep expressing the same disagreement with me over and over? I have no disillusions about how a software company is run (that I, a single customer, have no more weight than just that: a single customer). You've done your job as an "evangelist", why don't you move along and let me join my voice into the throng of the million others that the EN team needs to prioritize against? Or, as I said above, are you really that pedantic? Give it a rest, man.
  4. You're putting words into my mouth by making it sound like I'm 'demanding' (choose whatever word you want there) that they fix the problem with +1 in search. I'm not "shaking my fist in the air", or feeling "righteous indignation" about a search glitch. Crashing is obviously more important than a search glitch. My post, and my point, is about feature parity. I could care less if they fix my pet peeve issue first or last, as long as they put a focus on feature parity. As I said, I spent a few hours looking into quite a few different points of functionality (I've only been using EN for about 3 weeks, I'm still learning), not just the search problem I encountered. I found numerous posts dating from many months back, some even older, complaining about differences between the various EN clients that still haven't been resolved. So to clarify, not focusing on feature parity is what I find ridiculous. One or two months, or even three or four in some cases, with feature disparity between clients is understandable as the different platforms require different release strategies. But anything more than that and it's obvious that Feature A for the product wasn't actually a feature for the product, it was a feature for a given platform. When we're talking about features that aren't limited by platform (i.e. you just can't do some stuff in a mobile app), that's a failure in project management. Because, again, in software, consistency trumps nearly everything else.
  5. I don't need to know their codebase, or their other priorities. I spent multiple hours today looking into this and other (missing or screwed up) functionality, and Evernote's customers have been talking about this for months and months (feature disparity of one kind or another). You may feel that your experience only entitles you to speak to things you know, but if so then either you don't know what entitled means, or you must live in a country where free speech isn't a core maxim. I personally believe I'm entitled to say whatever I want. This is a company site, and they're free to moderate my postings all they want, but that doesn't mean I can't say what's on my mind. Especially when a- I am echoing what I've seen numerous other customers express concern or displeasure with, b- I am a potential paying customer and I'm letting them know something that will directly affect whether they ever see any money from me, and c- I have inside knowledge of the software process and know that if someone, anyone, at this company with some clout had any sense, they would put feature parity higher on the priority list and it would happen. Consistency trumps almost everything else when it comes to software. If your 30 years in the software business haven't taught you that, then I don't know what to tell you.
  6. I don't understand why the Windows desktop client is lacking so many features that other clients have. Speaking generally, why is there not feature parity between *all* clients? Even if the features aren't released at exactly the same time, all platforms should have the same functionality within a month or two of each other, max. My particular beef is trying to create saved searches for reminders, as below: Specifically, creating a search in the Windows desktop client with: reminderTime:day+1should show me every reminder set for tomorrow and later. But the Windows desktop client does not recognize the +1 as a date modifier, it thinks it is a search term. This is what the search bar says: "contains words starting with ( 1 ) with advanced filters ( reminderTime:day )"If I run the same search in the web client, it works fine. But the web client doesn't work for me in many other ways (see here for one example). To me this is rather ridiculous. I've just started using EverNote and it's great in many respects. But if I have any inclinations to start paying for premium to get some of the advanced features that are appealing to me, this kind of mishmash works-here-but-doesn't-work-there kills those inclinations dead in their tracks. Am I being a bit too frank? Maybe. But I am a software engineer of 15 years, and it's obvious to me that someone is dropping the ball when it comes to this. There's just no excuse for all clients not having feature parity within a month or two of each other. Seriously.
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