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  1. I've noticed that on the new Evernote version for Iphone the geolocation of the notes is no longer available. This is not a big issue because it was not so useful. What I'm looking for is something different. Since I travel a lot for work, and I have a plenty of customers to visit it would be nice to have an specific app (only for contacts, not for all the notes) similar to Hello where I can import my contacts, and than see their location on a map. Something like the geolocation we have for the pictures in on the IOS Platform. This feature would be useful when you are traveling for work to have a visual feedback of the customers around you and the plan an extra visit if they are nearby. A bonus could be to have the possibility to input your destination, and see all the contacts on the route you will travel, su you will be able to plan your business travel and optimize your time. A super features would be to have the possibility to register the planned trip, or for example tell to the app that you will visit someone, and have a list of all the contacts her the route you will follow, with the possibility to add these contacts to the planned trip.
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