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  1. Hello, after maybe 3-4 months without using the windows client, yesterday I updated it. Now synchronization doesn't work anymore! Synchro between Android and web works fine; but in the windows client after 5-10 seconds I see a ! on the synchro button, and the message "synchronization failed" in a popup on the bottom right of the screen. No detail message. I uninstalled the client, removed the evernote directory under AppData, and reinstalled it: nothing to do. Synchronization worked for 75 notes, about half, and then stopped working again. This is the last part of the log, just after the ! appears: 10:06:03 [8016] 95% * guid={192b5b89-84cf-4b6a-82ab-393dc3fce897}10:06:03 [8016] 95% * note content, length=43610:06:03 [8016] 95% Retrieving resource, total size=337964810:06:03 [8016] 95% * guid={4418bdb3-fe70-4a40-8dd1-3a2fbe329a59}10:06:03 [8016] 95% * note={192b5b89-84cf-4b6a-82ab-393dc3fce897}10:06:03 [8016] 95% * resource data, size=337344110:06:03 [8016] 95% * resource recognition data, size=620710:06:04 [8016] 96% Submitting a batch of 30 note calls, size=7.3MB10:06:33 [7348] 96% No more data to read.10:06:42 [8016] 96% No more data to read.10:06:45 [1164] Client synchronization finished, status: failed10:06:45 [1164] * 78 items received10:06:45 [1164] * elapsed time: 1m 3s Thank you very much
  2. What client(s) are you using? The clients on my Windows & iOS allow editing creation date. Android and the web interface using Chrome... I will install the Windows client then, thank you for the suggestion! I hope that the Android version will be updated with this feature.
  3. Versions: all versions/OSs It would be very useful to make the creation date editable. Say I'm taking a photo of a page about a meeting on my diary, I would like to set the creation date to the date of the meeting. It would be more consistent if I make a search, and I would see the note in the list in the "right" order. Thank you, great product!
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