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  1. 1) Got the stats from the Google PlayStore. Though on second thought, I realize those downloads (Android App only) could easily be divided into one half or even one third. So many people have more than one Android device. But of course Android is only one piece of the Evernote world. 2) $6,800 per month is the first number I got but then I read (in Yahoo answers) that there were two (2) U.S. pennies per pence so I doubled my figure to a "over" 12,000. Not really familiar with the currency over there though. 3) Informant seems interesting so I signed up. I'm assuming that all of this coding goodness happens on the Evernote servers. If that is the case then, in the intro page it says "Don't have evernote, if not download and install now on your computer" ... could be confusing for newbies. I went ahead even though I use the web version on my Linux computer and only have it download on my Android phone. 4) I got the three notebooks as indicated by the "signup_summary" screenshot. But I didn't get the "Task Stack" so I'll submit this post for now and assume that I'll need to manually create the task stack. If I have any other question/comments about Informant, I'll post them to that products facebook page.
  2. Sorry if the low price is a bit surprising to you. I checked out the reply from a couple others you have gotten feedback from as well and it looked like the consensus was a comparison of the price of Evernote itself on a monthly basis, vs the price of an addon feature like the one you are considering. Most of the users (as I've read over a couple of comments) seem to only run into the conflict problem once or twice a month. So that is the startup value your proposal is brining to them. Though I am not considering the auto notification feature that you are outlining in your proposal. That last feature would be a bit more value to those who are trying to communicate with a team. Not a useful feature for a guy like myself who is just keeping individual notes for little ol'me. I understand that at the low price you are initially seeing here that it may not be worth your time and effort to do this for others. However, if you are already going to do it for yourself, and looking at the number of users of Evernote (nearly 680,000 downloads of only the Android App), that could still be noticeable pocket change. If only a tenth of those Android App users applied for a monthly service like yours, then that would be over $12,000US per month (at 10pence) if I have my math right.
  3. I'd pay the ten pence a month. But keep in mind I'm in the Philippines so our economy here is a bit low compared to where I used to be in the U.S. ... Year ago when I was a wealthier man in the U.S. I would have paid double my offer right now. But, when pricing, I hope you will keep in mind those of us not making so much due to local economies :-) ... A sliding scale perhaps, or a type of donation-ware. And let me add that I'd be willing to pay that fee on a yearly basis after I had used the product a few months just to be sure it was everything that I was hoping for.
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