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  1. Hi Everyone, I have the same issue for a few years now. I'm running evernote on Mac and images I upload through the iOS evernote app appear stretched. It's so frustrating. For some images if I rotate them the problem is fixed, but for others this trick won't work. It's definitely the way the program renders the images, because when I view some of my notes on an iOS device they appear ok. There really is no logic to the issue. I have images that appear ok on a Mac but not on an iOS device and vice versa.
  2. AndrewT, great question and I ask the same. My current flow is to use a third party provide (www.printfriendly.com) which does a nice job at reducing a webpage to text only PDF without the ads. Going through a third party is time consuming, adds at least another 1-2 min. It would save many Evernote users that annotate articles or other text on the web to have the capability to save directly to Evernote as PDF. Artur
  3. I would like this feature too. I find it that Evernote is too bulky when creating a note. I would like to have a simple window (minus the sidebar and top bar, just a blank space with text formatting options. Refer to how Gmail's new compose message box looks with the formatting available within the window near the bottom). I digress, so having a note window float would be ideal for watching videos in full screen and taking notes! Please add this feature.
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