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  1. Ok, Try this. Sync on your mobile device (where you deleted the note) then re sync on your other device. This should send the cache of notes up to Evernote on your mobile device thus allowing a change on the server to all of your other devices. If this doesn't work I am happy to help in another way.
  2. I too am very interested in becoming an Evernote Ambassador from the perspective of Education. I use it for everything, I am completely Paperless at school.
  3. Hello, This seems to be a problem for myself too. I rely on Evernote for my day to day referral to class notes. All my notes are scanned and then imported to Evernote. I find I am having exactly the same problem as you. My iPad just doesn't want to work at the moment. It crashes in Evernote all the time along with the fact that it won't correctly sync. Evernote have said to my father (another premium user) that they are working on the bug that allows background syncing. However, many people have reported that if you simply uninstall then reinstall the application through iTunes it should do the trick. I agree it isn't good enough because I pay for it, however we also have to realise that with a new interface on the iPad comes bugs, and with bugs come frustration. We'll just have to wait and see what Evernote do about it.
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