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  1. I am introducing a friend to Evernote. Unfortunately, he uses AOL for most things due to a need to use his AOL email account. I have been unable to install Web Clipper into his AOL browser. Is there any way to do so? Thanks.
  2. Thanks for your response, but this is more than a mere "annoyance." This bug prevents me from printing out materials from Evernote for clients or anyone else that I need to present a professional appearance for my businesses. I am a Premium member, but there's very little I can print out for others from EN because of this problem. Instead, I have to cut and paste into Word or some other app then edit for everything from font differences to formatting. MAJOR, MAJOR pain in the butt. But, EN should be aware, that althought I recommend EN to others for many reasons, I always warn them about this bug and EN's seeming unwillingness or inability to address it. This is NOT a mere "annoyance" for business/ professional users!
  3. The history of Lotus Agenda (and Mitch Kapor) is interesting. It's curious that nothing else has sprung up to take its place in the modern UIs of the day. Mitch Kapor did try to revive it in the form of the Chandler project, but he's out of that now, and Chandler seems to be kind of an afterthought nowadays. There was a book written about that, Dreaming In Code, that I read at the time. That's kind of the beauty of the thing; with any sufficiently rich software environment, most people are probably going to only use a percentage of the full functionality. Which is fine: if that subset meets their needs; why do more than you need to do? You are correct in that most people are going to only us a percentage of its full functionality. Back in the day, there was a large number of Agenda devotees who very actively participated in the Agenda forum on Compuserve. One was Jim Fallows, a senior editor at the Atlantic Monthly. He wrote an article promoting Agenda back then, wherein he noted: "Now I face the problem that has apparently buffaloed Lotus's advertising staff: describing just what Agenda does. The possibilities are easy to demonstrate on a computer screen but a little trickier to explain." http://www.bobnewell.net/agenda/atlantic.txt.html Thus, Agenda had the same problem as that suggested by Analyst444 in the OP, to wit: how do you describe or label it without without limiting it?
  4. Count me in as 1 of the users continuing to have this problem on Win 7.
  5. My bad, apparently, in bringing up Lotus Agenda. But I brought it up because, somewhat like EN, it defied categorization or labelling. Agenda ended up being considered a PIM, which was a basic strength, but it was so, so much more than that if you were willing to spend the time to learn of its abilities. But, anyway, I don't like ICARS because, if that's all you do with EN, you aren't utilizing its potential. But, beyond Information Management Program, I don't really know what to call it.
  6. Being a complete newby on this Forum, I don't know if this is frowned upon. But here is the description of Lotus Agenda from Wikipedia: Oh, the POWER that you had! THE POWER!!!
  7. Trying to classify EN made me think back to the early '90's (yes, I'm showing my age) when I lived and breathed what was, IMO, the greatest program ever created, Lotus Agenda. What was it? A free form database program that you could make do anything. Way, way ahead of its time. The things you could do with it as an organizational tool were incredible. I still miss it.
  8. Thank you for your response. 1) Yes, I see that Evernote opinion in other threads. However, as a layman in the area, it doesn't seem like putting in a password for the desktop is a significant difficulty. I suppose it could interfere with the synchronization?? Just seems like a desktop password should be an easy thing to do, but maybe I'm naive. 2) Yes, it is Windows and the left panel up and down control bar is almost invisible. It's so important that it should be easily visible and controlled, unlike now. 3) Interesting. Would like at least one more level. 4) I'll try to figure it out. Thanks.
  9. Newby to the forum, so I don't know to what extent these have been addressed. But a few suggestions for the next version of Evernote: 1) Password for the desktop. Obvious need and clearly there is customer demand for it. 2) The left panel needs a more easily defined and easily seen up and down control bar. On my notebooks, it is hard to see and it takes a bit of time to put the cursor on it and then control it. We need it, so don't semi-hide it. 3) Need the ability to create more sub-notebooks within already stacked notebooks. For instance, I should be able to create the hierarchy billboards>digital>location. As near as I can tell, currently I can only do billboards>digital. If I'm mistaken, please advise. But if I'm not, the ability to create another level of subnotebooks would be appreciated. That's it. Love the program and I'm currently strongly encouraging my friends and business partners to use it. Which brings up a point that I simply don't know. Is there any way to make specific notebooks available to others without allowing access to all of my notebooks? I am a premium user, but don't have Evernote Business. Thanks for any help or thoughts.
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