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  1. I didn't realize there were multiple tag trees. The "tag tree" I'm referring to is the one immediate above the "Need a little help?" link on the left most pane. In Legacy and the web client you can move/edit tags from that left most pane, the "navigation menu" it's called i think. I didn't realized you needed to click on "Tags" to get to a tag tree were you could edit tags... Also @oldcodgeman2, I found that after a few restarts of the client I was able to remove tags from notes
  2. I'm observing this as well... Also, I cannot delete or move tags in the tag tree, I found I had to us the web client to do those things. I was able to remove a tag from a note in the web client, but it is not intuitive. I had to click the + box like I was going to add a tag to the note and then hit backspace repeatedly until I got to the tag I actually wanted to remove. It is quite frustrating to have both the desktop client open and the web client open as well to pick up the slack where this new client isn't behaving.
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