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  1. I haven't tried that. I will see what happens, although, my attachments also won't open many times.
  2. Hey JT, I don't think it's a Mac issue as I'm using a PC and experiencing these issues. I have both text alignment and image/data display and attachment issues.
  3. I share an account with two other users and until recently, have had no issues sending notes with Excel, Word and/or PDF attachments to Evernote. I use the appropriate notebook/tag format in the subject line and have my email set to HTML format. Once I view the notes in Evernote, the attachments won't open or the format is skewed. I've also tried to screenshot images/data, but the Evernote displays these as: [cid: image001.png]. I'm not sure whether this is an issue with the account as the other 2 users have successfully sent notes w/ attachments. Open to any suggestions you may have. Thanks!
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