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  1. I upgraded to a new iPad today and since I'm now running iOS8 I got the Penultimate upgrade too. When I open old notebooks they: 1) are all black, nothing to write on, nothing to see, 2) All the pages are stacked on each other in the page view off to the left, 3) I can't add pages or edit anything in those notebooks. Has anyone else seen this? Is there a workaround?
  2. What I don't get is how Evernote has focused on so much business function -- sharing of documents, chat, etc -- but little on what really matters to businesses: Keeping their data safe. My business expressly forbids the use of Evernote for exactly that reason. It's why I use if for personal items that have little privacy or security risk. But if there's any risk at all, I put the information where it can't be easily accessed. This really needs to be rethought and re-prioritized.
  3. I have some entries that are not updating across to my ipad install from the iphone/web. Where is the sync button on the ipad? It seems to be either missing or well hidden.
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