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  1. Thanks for the nice posts guys, but the topic is getting lost a bit, here. What I would like to see is simple paragraph formatting of notes in Evernote's editor. It just so happens that markdown is designed for that exact purpose, which would make it a sensible choice in implementing a quick way of doing it (I also use it already in my notes). However, my point was not to redevelop the whole thing as the functionalities were there and have been removed. That was, to me, a bad idea and I simply wish them back! Thanks for listening! François
  2. The Windows Evernote client used to have it, and so did the iOS client. I don't remember which version at was at however but I remember I was shocked by that change.
  3. Hi, Evernote has recently been updated to remove paragraph formatting styles. I was using this feature a lot and it made my notes visually meaningful very quickly. It was rather inconsistent between platforms, I agree, but still, at least it was practical. Now, to accomplish the same thing, I need to select the text I want formatted, select a font, select a size, select a style (italicized, bold or underlined) and hope I'll remember it on the next heading. I hate that! It slows me down and takes me away from writing the note to formatting it. So I've turned to the next best thing: markdown. Markdown is actually very good in helping format my thoughts while I'm writing them, which is the whole point. Now the problem is, Evernote doesn't render markdown, so I need to take my note to a third party app to convert it, and then paste it where I need to use it (like back in Evernote!). Very dumb process. I think I'm not the only one missing paragraph formatting styles and/or markdown support, here. I saw other threads talking about alternative (and sometimes complicated) work-around to this issue. I just don't see why this could be so hard to integrate. Thanks for listening. François
  4. Well, sorry Jackolicious but my super lenghty note is now gone! I had a page and a half of notes that just vanished to "Conflicting modification on". That's it! No date, timestamp or anything after the "on". Just that. I also searched for a notebook with "confli" in the name but none showed up. What can I do? I really needed that note!!! Help?
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