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  1. Are you a moderator or EN employee, DTLow? I don't see any icons or other designations, but I'm on mobile and might not see the same information as on desktop.
  2. +1 from me! I want to be able to set a note as Read Only or Archived, with an extra step beyond just clicking within the note or on the edit button. Something that says clearly: You are about to edit an Archive copy... or even better: The Archived note CANNOT be edited at all; if you want to add to or edit the information, you have to choose "copy this note" or whatever the menu wording is for making a new note with the same information. Now for my tirade: I cannot count how many times I've been horrified to realize something got deleted or changed - especially since I often don't have a backup copy somewhere. I think what's happening is that perhaps EN designers/programmers aren't actually heavy EN users and think people are being needlessly careless and should simply try being more careful. That seems about the size of EN's attitude towards their users. (I don't use the word clients because it's so obvious that we're not considered clients.) One of the things I had hoped to be able to rely on when I subscribed was the note history feature, but like another user mentioned, the way the history is saved is somewhat random and almost never catches what it was I accidentally changed. One of the most common, and most annoying times I lose information is when I'm trying to copy and paste from a note. If I accidentally hit any other key, it's of course replaced by that letter and my precious info is gone... for some reason Undo doesn't always work. This was actually one of the very first features I noticed was lacking when I first began using Evernote in... gosh, it must have been around 2007 or something? I was actually shocked; Evernote seemed to be such a forward-thinking, intuitive program that I just couldn't believe something like that wasn't already in place. I have to say that I am actually kind of disgusted that it's around 10 years (TEN YEARS?!) later, and this is nowhere near close to being implemented. I've been growing more and more unhappy with EN ever since they began to charge for certain features which had previously been free. I would have been happy to pay for new features for premium users, but I felt quite exasperated with having to shell out just to continue using features I'd become dependent on. Now, on the one hand, it makes financial sense to hook people on something and then charge for it. I mean hey, that's the tactic used in certain other, um... shady deals, shall we say? But it doesn't make sense to me to alienate customers over it. I've been a subscriber to Premium since it was introduced, because like I said, I was dependent on certain features and the idea of changing the way I collect, store and access all my information was too overwhelming to consider. But after reading about feature after feature that I have wanted and clearly other people have wanted for years just being ignored, I have come to the conclusion that Evernote designs Evernote according to what they think is cool. Not their users. The very first rule of coding and marketing is that if the end user (majority, of course) doesn't like it, it's useless. I have started researching other note-taking, information managing systems as many of them have improved over the years. I'd still be facing a sea change in terms of my entire framework of collecting, storing and accessing an actual metric ton of information (If it was on paper), but I'm starting to wonder if it's a sea change that just needs to happen in order to keep progressing and becoming more efficient. And that makes me really sad.
  3. @WeCanLearnAnything, thanks so much for responding to this post! For the board meeting the day I wrote that post, I did eventually have to just use MS Word. The whole note had to be reformatted as Evernote's tables apparently don't play well with MS Word tables, and the bulleting didn't port well, either. These are probably very minor annoyances for most people. They were minor issues for me before I got as busy as I am today. Nowadays, using MS Word to design and write my notes and Evernote to archive them is a little redundant to me, so I will definitely need to find a workaround. I don't need to print often, and when I do they are relatively small documents. The rub is that when I do need to print something, it's time-sensitive. Usually I would not have bothered to post on a dead thread. I agree with you that one should simply proceed to use EN as though it essentially has no print function. I think they should own up to it and disable the function altogether, but that's just my opinion. The reason I did post is that one, I wanted to gripe and two, I think that as long as EN insists this is a feature they support, they should have to hear about its shortcomings. :3333 Thanks again for your reply, I appreciated it!
  4. I just paid for two premium subscriptions for myself and my husband - not because I wanted to, mind you, but because I virtually had no choice, as most of our household and volunteer organization documents are in our EN accounts. I already had a few issues with EN, but decided to go all in. Imagine my frustration and bitter disappointment when I tried to print out two notes this morning for a board meeting I have tonight. I was shocked at the absolutely dismal quality of the printout. Font so small it can't be read (despite being perfectly legible on-screen), text cut off at the bottom on the list of tags at the beginning of the note, wildly distorted printing of italics, and code quotes boxes don't actually print - just the code. I paid for two Premium subscriptions and I am just aghast. Now I have to spend another 20 minutes or more to find a way to print this information for my board meeting - not everyone has a smartphone or tablet to share digital notes with! That's supposed to help me be more productive? I'm glad I decided to print them out this morning instead of ten minutes before the meeting. What really burns me is that I've had to put my two toddlers off all morning in order to deal with this. THEY are the reason I was willing to shell out money we can ill afford... to increase my productivity and have more time for my family.
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