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  1. I'm pleased to say that the last major update to Evernote for IOS appears to have fixed this problem for me. Thanks to the Evernote development team for their efforts
  2. Wow, now Evernote on my iPad has completey stopped working and crashes every time it loads. I hope this one gets addressed soon. Anyone else out there with a similar issue like this?
  3. I have a saved search called "2-Next" that uses the following syntax: tag:".next action" tag:"2-Next" -tag:!Completed With this search, I want to see every note that has the tags ".next action" and "2-Next", but I don't want to see any that have a "!Completed" tag on them. On my Windows Desktop I see 34 notes with this search (see first screen shot - some details blurred to protect the privacy of other parties I deal with) https://plus.google.com/photos/102382174307290225968/albums/5930908851595742545?authkey=CNvs9aTc2sPIHw On my iPad and iPhone, I also see 34 notes, but instead of seeing each notes unique description (eg: 34 descriptions), I see the description of one note being displayed for 3 notes in the list. This continues on so that I am seeing the text for the last 11 notes I created that would fit the above search term, being reused for the display of the remaining 23 notes. No old descriptions are being used. Also, this doesn't seem to fit to the date and time I upgraded to the IOS 7 version of Evernote for my iPad. Said another way, I might have notes A, B & C on my windows desktop client and my iPad will display 3 notes, and show them as A, A & A Hope this makes sense. Please let me know if you need more information.
  4. Yes, I'm seeing this also. The duplicate issue with my saved searches is inconsistent though. Some notes are duplicated 27 times, others 15, others 40+ times. It really make Evernote on IOS next to useless for me. I really hope this addressed soon.
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