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  1. To me, the great irony on this end of a very long thread is that Android has had, at least, ten or so tablets and/or phones (probably many more) that come, specifically, with a PEN. So, releasing an application called PENultimate for the iOS platform that has, umm... let me think.... ZERO devices with a pen (unless I've missed something) is ironic at best. No, we don't count those fat, unweildy, rubber-tipped things as a true pen. If that is the case, then Android is still deserves the software just as much as iOS. And, yes, I am fully aware that Penultimate was first an iOS app. And, yes, I am equally aware of the fact the the "pen" in Penultimate is more of a play on words than a literal requirement. But if you are, as you say, writing the code over, from scratch, then why not do it for both platforms? You certainly seem to be updating it for iOS, so what is up? I have a Macbook Air 2013. My wife has an iPad and an iPhone. I use an Android tablet (Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet.. with a real pen) and an Android phone and I am considering the Samsung Glaxy Note for both a phone and tablet upgrade. I am also a computer professional and have been for thirty years. I do not subscribe to the religion of one platform over another. In addition to my Macbook Air, I have a Lenovo X220 tablet on which I run Windows 8 and Linux (I use Linux most of the time just because I am more comfortable there). I say all this to reinforce that I use all platforms and I am not just a whiny Android cultist. What bothers me most is that Evernote has owned this software for about 16 months and have seen fit to do nothing for their faithful Android users except regurgitate boiler-plate PR sound bites on forums. I hate, hate, HATE it when official responses sound like someone is reading them rather than actually speaking to me as if they are not thinking for themselves and as if I don't matter (like I am an actual human being). Is it really asking so much to have someone come here and say something like, I don't know... "Hello Evernote faithful. I know you are angry and, frankly, I don't blame you. If I were a devoted, paying Evernote user with an Android device, I would be upset too. Evernote is a spectacular piece of software that was made orders of magnitude better by the aquisition of Penultimate. Sadly, a large portion of our users have been shut out of that improvement. And, worse still, we've not been up-front or even communicative on a basic level regarding the progress of this software's inclusion into Evernote. That isn't the way a group of professionals should treat those who not only use their software, but advocate on our behalf (and even pay us hard-earned money for the use of this software). We apologize and promise to make this right from this point onward. No, I can't promise that an updated version of Evernote with Penultimate will be available for download in a week, or even a month. But, I will promise that we shall treat our users with due respect by keeping the lines of communication open and the development cycle time-table as transparent as we can. I will ask the development team to post weekly updates on their progress within a new forum thread called, "Countdown To Android Penultimate". Without our users, our company is nothing more than a way to waste time during the day. The very least we can do is give you the respect one should give to those that support our company and provide our means of living. All we can ask of you is patience and encouragement. We solicit your input and ask that you stick with us over the next weeks while we tie up this important project. We've strayed a bit and we apologize for that. Henceforth, let's walk together down the right/write path. Signed, Some Person From Evernote." There, was that so hard? That bit of tripe took me about four minutes. P.S. Sorry for being such a sarcastic jerk here. I guess I am just tired tonight. But, really, do you not think you deserve at least a bit of this? Remember, there are not only customers on the other side of these posts, there are human beings. We deserve better.
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