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  1. Many thanks! *update - now all working.
  2. Thanks-have started discussion with Evernote. Yes-apparently an issue with some, not all users.
  3. This one. Thanks for the link - I will try other channels.
  4. There is a Help link in the menu under my photo on the left of the Evernote page. I click on this link as I need help. Evernote logs me out. I log in. I click on this link as I need help. Evernote logs me out. I log in. I click on this link as I need help. Evernote logs me out. I log in. I can continue this for days on end, but I have other stuff to do. It is one way of reducing help demands but as a paying customer I was hoping for more. PS As a paying customer, I choose not to use the telephone, for personal reasons. I would like a clearly identified
  5. I think this subject may have come up before but it is something that concerns me and would welcome any comment. I wish to delete an account, so I can free up its email address for use with another account. I have been told that Evernote cannot do this - only 'de-activate' the account. To retrieve my email address I need to re-activate the account and undertake a convoluted procedure to substitute a temporary password to free up the one I require. I then have to de-activate the account again. Not a difficult process but surely it should not be necessary. As well as the worry of all my data bei
  6. I am have a related issue and would welcome comment. I had 2 accounts and wish to close one. It is now 'deactivated'. Unfortunately, the email address associated with the 'deactivated' account is now no longer available to me without a convoluted work-round (reactivate the account, change the email address for an unused one or temporary one, thus freeing up the old address. Surely when an account is 'deactivated' it is gone, destroyed, deleted, together with all associated information. This is clearly not the case and I think is of concern that it still exists. I have opened a suppo
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