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  1. A blog is not a text editor, but it certainly can handle some basic things that Evernote is incapable of doing. And the argument it is not a text editor is invalid, then why EN is allowing you to do bullets? The problem is that they simply don't work. What a waste of time. I am out of here... We are simply trying to give feedback, because believe it or not, we love the product to the point of that, giving feedback and hoping that will help. You guys, the 'EN Evangelist' community are doing a disservice to EN. You are being defensive of something so blatantly obvious that removes
  2. How hard is to see that Evernote's text editor is subpar. There are some basic features that are not there, and there are many of those features. We simply wish that Evernote would do something about it. It seems to me and I believe to many users that text editing is at the core of Evernote, and the disregard from the company to do anything about really baffles many of us. We are not here to attack anyone, less an 'EN Evangelist'; but when we see that an 'EN Evangelist' doesn't want to see those shortcomings, that person is wasting their time, it is wasting every customer's time that tak
  3. Hi! Welcome to the forums. Could you provide us with specific problems you have on all the platforms? This might help the developers to better address the issues. If you have a developer at Evernote try to write a simple article in the editor, they will find how subpar the editor is. I don't think they need explicit pointers, it is so obvious the editor is so behind in functionality, they could fix it if they wanted it. Heck, even the editor in this forum is way better than in the app. It is amazing that a product of this recognition has such an awful text editor.
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