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  1. Hi guys Apologies for the radio silence over the holidays. I returned the iPad Air because of the poor performance but before I did I recorded a video. Hopefully this will bring some extra clarity to the feedback we've offered so far, and gives Evernote and Adonit some useful feedback to address the issues. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fGj8O0WHaFg
  2. I politely disagree that this is a specific question - I'd say it's a very general question. I am asking the forum community whether anyone has seen Evernote or Adonit acknowledge the reported issues with the Jot Script pen. There are lots of threads explaining that the palm rejection works poorly and that they are disappointed with the performance. I have also tweeted and raised a support request. Despite being a premium member I still haven't had a reply. This looks like a clear case of tactical silence to me, unless anyone comments otherwise, to avoid acknowledging the $80 stylus just doesn't work very well.
  3. This is the main point of my question - we shouldn't all individually need to ask Evernote in private whether the many reported issues are being worked on. The idea of a forum is to have a public conversation so others can benefit from the knowledge and it's more efficient for everyone. So - returning to the original question, in bullets for readability: Have Evernote or Adonit acknowledged the issues people are reporting - either in public or in private?If so - Are they working on improvements to the app to handle this? Or do we all need to return these faulty products?To be clear - I want to the Jot Script to work and I want to keep it. I'm willing to wait out for a fix, but if none is coming then there's no point.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I have read as many of the other threads, but what wasn't clear was whether the teams repsonsible (Evernote, Penultimate or Adonit) had addressed the issues? Are we talking to ourselves, or are the right people listening and working on a solution?
  5. Hi all I wanted this thread to discuss the process and feedback from either Evernote or Adonit about Jot Script issues, not to talk about the issues themselves. Like many others I pre-ordered an Adonit / Evernote Jot Script when it was announced. I also just upgraded my iPad 2 to an Air, to take advantage of the Bluetooth support for the Script and better portability for note taking. To add to the problems, I had to wait 3 weeks for the pen to be delivered to Australia. Has there been any acknowledgement from Evernote about the issues we're experiencing? I'd like to believe that the experience will improve with firmware updates to the app, but without some acknowledgement that someone is listening I can't see that happening. The product has both logos on there so I see the two companies both having responsibility for the product working. Look forward to hearing from Evernote and the community on here.
  6. Hey Joe It might be that I just need to use Evernote and not Skitch - I'll have to try that - but I guess the key thing is that the app has changed and of course couldn't notify me of an alternative workflow and so I perceived it to be a total lack of functionality. That said, maybe a message that explained that some of the functionality had been moved to Evernote would make sense if you do similar things in future. Maybe as a 'more info' option for power users. The difference between Skitch and Evernote is that in Skitch you are dealing directly with images, without all the Evernote note 'chrome'. I understand that it's there under the hood, but if you're just dealing with images then it's more natural to work within Skitch. Hope these help flesh out the motivations. (PS - I'm still not sold on the new iOS7 Evernote yet either although the old app it was an extreme example of skeumorphism with physical notebooks and tabbed filing, I actually think that helps to organise the way you interact with Evernote. The flat design will grow on me in time I'm sure but just a side note).
  7. Hi guys I'm adding my feedback on the new version as well that I think it loses a lot of utility and is a big step backwards. Like earlier posters, I used to rely on the fact I could access my Skitch'd photos within the app - so I could move between iPad and Desktop very easily. My workflow was to write presentations and documents in an app like Evernote or Byword, and then I'd use Skitch to grab screenshots for illustration. In my experience, Skitch is much more commonly used for screen shots or documents than it is for 'photos' in the common sense. Don't underestimate the number of people who use 'photos' for screen captures using the power+home button combo and access these from the Photos library. The removal of the 'copy share url' is also a big loss for me. I used this feature to embed Skitch screenshots within Markdown documents and then export them to PDF or similar with the image embedded. I fear you'll lose the power users with this limited feature set, who are the best advocates for the Evernote ecosystem. Luckily, like an earlier poster, I was able to delete the latest update and download a previous version via "not on this iPad". It's asking me to update but I'll be keeping the old version until I see the updated version bring back earlier functionality.
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