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  1. I'm more than tempted to agree with this as my Chromebook is my main (and only) computer. I've been doing just fine with only the web app and my tablet for the moment, but I admit that the possibility to work offline directly on the Chromebook to create new notes (and have them sync once I'm back online) and to be able to chose to have access to some notebooks/notes offline would be greatly appreciated. Another feature that is only available on desktop versions at the moment is the possibility to link notes together to facilitate organisation; having quite a few notes that I would potentially link together if I could, this feature is one I miss dearly. Though I admit that I'd already be very happy with only the 'create note link' feature to be available on the web app instead. I'd probably be able to do without a Chrome OS desktop version of Evernote if that feature was available on the web (as offline access is easy to achieve with my tablet and a Premium account...).
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