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  1. Under Settings, Display & Brightness you can set your Display Zoom to "Zoomed". When you do, Evernote enlarges the font as it supposed to, but cuts off the display at the top and bottom. All Apple apps do the zoom display correctly, using the entire screen, as do most other apps I tried: Fantastical, Bear, New York Times, Spark, Reddit.. well, you get the picture. Perhaps a nit compared to all the other problems with Evernote on iOS, but one I potentially see everyday.
  2. Interesting.. speed (other than opening the app) on my iPhone XS is fine, but on my 2017 iPad everything in Evernote is slow. Running the latest versions of Evernote and iOS/iPadOS.
  3. Not to mention that the iPad version is much slower than the iPhone version. Makes me wonder if there are some iPadOS specific changes that need to be made.
  4. I agree the default font is too small on iOS (and there is no way to change it). But something that is much improved in v10 is pinch to zoom - you can enlarge the note and continue viewing or editing. Doing this with the "old" Evernote didn't work very well because it kept reverting to the default size, but now it holds whatever size you zoom to.
  5. Yes, I see this on my phone all the time. I think if I zoom a note, from then on other notes will open zoomed, even if I had un-zoomed the original note. Not sure if it happens every time, and it stops at some point - maybe when I close the app or switch to another.
  6. OK. How do you want me to do that? I tried to drag the web clip here but that didn't work..
  7. Most, if not all, of my web clips have no blank lines between paragraphs, so the text runs together. I just tried it with articles from Medium and NYT to be sure. The clipping was done on iOS as was viewing the results. I also found that If I cut from the web clip and and paste into this window, the appropriate blank lines are inserted.. so maybe it is a display issue in Evernote?
  8. I have a note with 4 .jpgs, that was created long ago. Last evening, when I wanted to look at the note on my iPhone, the images were not available - they looked like below. I immediately went to my Mac desktop, opened the same note, and no problem, all four images were there. This morning I opened the same note, and two of the images were visible, two had the error shown below. A few hours later, all four images were visible, as they should be. The note is in a offline notebook, and Evernote indicated that notebook was completely downloaded some time ago. I am at a loss here. I opene
  9. I went back and read your post and I agree we are talking about the same thing. Syncing - which is completely out of the users control - doesn't seem to be happening frequently enough. Except it usually works, but there is no way of knowing until it is too late..
  10. Yes, very much so. But the idea of sync errors being "written off" is scary. Hard to rely on an app where sync isn't reliable. And since I can't go back to the previous version on iOS where sync WAS reliable, does it make sense to keep using the app in its present state?
  11. Working on my iPad, I edited an existing note - I went thru and made a few words Bold. I then shut the iPad, went about my business for a while. Later, I picked up my iPhone, opened the same note, and my changes weren't there - nothing in bold. So I opened up my iPad, which was still on the same note, and I could see the words I had made bold - for about a second, then they all reverted to normal text. So somehow my changes were discarded or overwritten (I don't remember if I made changes to the note on my phone). This is scary - have other changes I've made in other notes gone too? No wa
  12. Running Evernote 10 on an iPhone, iPad and iMac. Performance on the phone is fine, same for the desktop. But very slow on the iPad. Not a new iPad mind you, but the 2017 model, not that old. Anyone else see this?
  13. This works with the web version, but I didn't think it worked on iOS. I hope it eventually does.. same code base, right?
  14. I am finding after an initial issue, that the duplicate note problem is gone for me with 10.0.2 But downloading several small (less than 50 notes) offline folders has still not completed after many hours.. this would take a few minutes with the "old" Evernote.
  15. After an hour of creating and deleting notes, I haven't gotten any more duplicates. So maybe the first time was a fluke? I also saved a full text web clip from the NYT, which previously was only getting a link. So maybe they fixed that too - I think maybe previously it failed due to requiring a subscription, which I have.
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