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  1. Thanks for the update Scott. The "fall is past" comment referenced the iOS 8, which will be released this fall, makes major changes to this, so many of these headaches will disappear come fall comment above. If I have a Word doc in Dropbox, it seamlessly opens in the MS Word app, allows me to edit and saves back to Dropbox. Was just hoping to have the same functionality with 3rd party apps within Evernote, hence the comment. Maybe someone from Evernote can chime in.
  2. Any updates here? Fall is past
  3. Would be awesome to have a "Today" widget so that I don't have to find the app to do quick scans. I love the ability, with the Evernote app, to just pull down from the homescreen on the iPhone and click "Camera." A Today Widget for Scannable might actually have the image capture in the widget itself (actually scan from the Today screen). Just a thought.
  4. Guys, I'm a premium user. Just upgraded because I love Evernote. But we REALLY need to add the ability to resize images in the editor quickly. My images from my iPhone are massive. I need to be able to take quick snapshots, resize later so the presentation of the note looks good. Some employee is going to tell me to resize with Skitch. I don't want to do that. First, I need another application to do a simple resize? Second, when I do that, the image is still scaled to the massive size that it was prior to resize in Evernote, making it huge and pixelated. Is this on the table for an upcoming update?
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