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  1. Ah, yes it would take quite a bit of time for a lot of notebooks! As for OCR on handwritten PDF files, Evernote will OCR mine that I have exported from penultimate to Evernote. I do pay for the premium subscription though, not sure if it would work on free or not... it does take a little time to be OCR'd, but after about a day I can search through them. Although, I must say the PDF handwriting search does not work as well as JPGs on mobile, but works great on my mac, as far as visually highlighting search words on the document. JPGs probably are better. Maybe you could use a script to convert the PDFs to JPGs and have those automatically added to a note in Evernote? Best of luck to you!
  2. You can export a notebook in penultimate as .PDF or .PEN formats. You can only import the .PEN format back into penultimate. To export as a .PDF, from penultimate, hi-light the notebook you want to export, hit the share arrow, then open in, then select evernote. A .PDF version will open in Evernote. To get the .PEN format, in case you want to edit the note at a later date, from penultimate: hit your user name in the top left, hit general Settings, enable dropbox export, .PEN format, and include paper design. Now you can share your note from penultimate to dropbox to save the .PEN format. From dropbox, you can add it to the same note as the .PDF version in Evernote. Two backups in one note. Or just leave the .PEN backup in a penultimate folder in dropbox. You can import into penultimate from dropbox by again going to general settings in penultimate, hitting dropbox, and import penultimate files, again, you can only select .PEN format. It's a roundabout way of doing things, but will give you a complete backup in Evernote and allow you to delete the notebook from penultimate.
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