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  1. OneNote is slowly catching up to Evernote and due to the handwriting capability may serve some people a lot better than Evernote. The only thing stopping me from switching right now is simply loyalty because I've liked Evernote for so long, but they're really failing on this one. I can only let them slide so long for ignoring Windows users (and even Android users... apparently the higher ups are just in love with their Apple devices and are blind to the HUGE market they're completely ignoring) Also, the way Evernote even responds to wishes of bringing Penultimate to other platforms is extremely lacking. It's not very useful or confidence inducing to just say "Thanks for posting". At least let us know if you're even considering on developing Penultimate on other platforms. Dragging people along isn't the best way to hold on to customers.
  2. Microsoft OneNote is a good supplement to Evernote. Honestly, I'm thinking of dropping Evernote entirely and going to OneNote. Once I got Windows 8, handwriting became a big part of what I do, so OneNote is slowly taking over. I'm probably going to end up canceling my Evernote Premium if they don't bring Penultimate soon. At this point, the length of time Penultimate has been around and for it not to have reached any other platforms, it's not likely to have any faith in Evernote to do so soon. So, if handwriting is important to you, I'd suggest trying out OneNote.
  3. I too would love to see Penultimate come to Windows 8, specifically for use with the Surface Pro. I feel like the two were made for each other.
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