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  1. This! Thank you for posting this picture. This is what I mean. It is no longer there for iPad or iPhone.
  2. Maybe an oversight. Maybe a feature that has been removed. Maybe a feature that will be added later. I am afraid Evernote doesn't usually share their roadmap (the developers will occasionally hint or commit to some things, but it is uncommon), so we cannot know as users. This is a simple and basic feature and I do not understand why they would remove this. Bring it back please!
  3. Was this an oversite? I share notes with my brother. On iOS I was able to highlight a word and insert a youtube link instead of just pasting the link and now this feature is gone on my iPad. The option is still there on my mac.
  4. Ugh! This was very useful for me and it was 'Streamlined' away. Bring it back please! This is very Un-Dude!
  5. In the previous version I was able to insert a link highlighting a word. Where is this option now?
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