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  1. Every start of evernote on Windows Show me again the decision window, what Support/product plan I like. And every day I repeat clicking "Basic" - that' s so annoying !!! Please please accept my decision for at least a few months before asking again: I will not change that in the next few hours!
  2. Today I migrated/updated the newer Version 5.x (over 4.x). Now I miss the most liked tag UI from Version 4: the v5 seems to have only the ugly separate window UI (Ctrl-Alt-K; btw.: what a "easy" to remember hot key???) There also seems to be Problems with that Dialog itself as I've read here in the forum. For me this is really a Regression compared to the older versions. It was sooooo easy to create new tags with the autocompletion etc. ... OK, I cannot "select" existing tags, but why do you don't Combine the two UI's? The new Dialog as a addition to the tagging tool(bar) would be fine, but don't throw the other good Option! I really liked the v4 tagging UI - can I get it back somehow? Why is there only the separate Dialog now?
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