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  1. Please consider adding the following features for android: A way to add the current GPS location into the note as text. A way to add the current timestamp as text. Thank You!
  2. Hello EverNote community. I am a new user and am evaluation EverNote for my sound business. I feel it is a great value and am planning on subscribing as soon as I decide it it will meet my workflow needs. I am trying to use EverNote to take notes about my location when I am out creating ambiance recordings for sound effects projects. I often walk several miles and stop when I discover something that I want to record. I currently have to type the location into a note and then start typing my comments about the sound and the location. Is it possible to have EverNote drop the current GPS location into the note as text? Also is it possible to create a current time stamp as text? It might look something like this: 08:41:33 36.180216,-115.036493 Out front of a Greek Restaurant Distant Traffic Distant bird Song NT4 Microphone ETC..... Any Help will be greatly appreciated. KrohTech
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