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  1. After tinkering, I figured out how to make the search function "work" (ha). Click on right arrow, then click the top of the app to make the curser go to the top, click the right arrow again, and continue. This way you can locate all 45 highlights... in 90 steps. Pretty pathetic. Hopefully they solve this.
  2. Mine worked until IOS7 came out. Now no spell check
  3. Curious if anyone else having issues with Evernote searches within notes on long documents? Working on a tax document, the app tells me there are 45 hits on the word "taxpayers", but by operating the arrows at the top of the app, highlighted words won't show up. Result is I have to scroll through the document by hand and try to locate the highlighted words- this is akin to finding a needle in a haystack. Overall I've had some issues with the changeover to IOS7, so I did uninstall the app tonight, rebooted, and reinstalled. Same result unfortunately
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