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  1. hello, unfortunately no. all work was lost, so im gonna use google docs from now on. the support guy was very kind, though, and i got i refund.
  2. i cant tell if it has been saving through the day, though. i have always trusted it to save all the time, which it has done until today.
  3. yes, im using the web client. im on chromebook, so everything is done online. i've logged out and in a couple of times, but all seems lost. the last sentence i remember writing is from this morning. and the wifi has been working like it should all day,
  4. Hello, so i've been writing on an essay all day, when suddenly the weekly log in-thing kicked in. after i refreshed the page, all was lost, even though i had autosync on. is there any way to restore what was written? thanks, daniel
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