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  1. I do not want to buy an iPad purely to get Penultimate. What do you think about Livescribe? Would Livescribe and Penultimate work together ... getting confused as to what i need. Going back to study and NEED something that will help in class being ADHD.
  2. Hi There! I have a EN premium account. I want to add myself as another user instead of making another notebook. So separate entity. However, when I go to either the "Premium" in the bar to the right OR go "File" and click "add another user", it comes up with this: USER NAME DOES NOT EXIST. So I signed out of my premium account and created a new account (added as a free account). I tried to add this to my premium account by using the "add another user" from the drop down menus and it won't do it. It remains a FREE account. I want to sync this to my mobile phone and eventually iPad or Galaxy Tab when I get one. So, I am wondering what the use is in a premium account (not business) to have "add another user" if it won't allow you to whist retaining the premium account status? I have wasted so much time trying to figure this out ... hope you can help! It would be GREAT if Evernote did a video instruction on how to achieve this, otherwise it is useless having this function in Evernote premium if it can't be used!
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