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  1. Hi Evernote! First of all, I want to thank very very much for all the job you've done to provide us such a great product that gets better and better everyday! (I can't wait to buy some post-it ) It's been a while I am trying to contact you to apply to become an Evernote Ambassador. Indeed, I would be the first in Belgium and it would be a good opportunity to get people know your wonderful products! I use Evernote everyday to do plenty of different things and I'm curious for every new feature of all your products. I give some trainings for a training center in Belgium and I present Evernote everytime I can! Please, could you send me a link to apply? Thank you very much! Julie
  2. Hi, could you send me the link, too? For a year, I have considered become an Evernote Ambassador. I give some trainings for Apple and I present Evernote during all trainings! I think I would be the first Evernote Ambassador in Belgium: what a chance to bring people to know Evernote better! Thanks!
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