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  1. I uninstalled EN5.6 with Revo (advanced mode) and deleted everything. Downloaded again, and it booted up quickly. Logged in, and it started syncing. It took more than 30 minutes to sync, but it seems to be working for now. I did notice that the attachment folder was no longer in the database folder, although it reappeared when I opened an attachment. Thanks to all who told me to persevere Afina
  2. EN is not just slow, it doesn't respond at boot up after the upgrade (I let it wait 7 minutes, and still not responding). I think the slow boot-up problem started when the upgrade to EN 5 was installed, and after I uninstalled that and installed 5.6 it is unusable. Is there any way to get EN 4 back again, or will that give problems with compatibility with the few notes I did manage to make in EN 5? I do backup my database locally, as well as the sync to the server. I notice that in the User/MyName/AppData/Local folder there are now two Evernote folders: one called Evernote (which contains the databases and attachment folders, and one named EvernoteNW, which from the date was created when I upgraded to EN5.6. It does not seem to contain a database folder, though. I am sorry, if I make no sense. I really don't know much about computers, and it is very frustrating to me Thanks for your patience
  3. I did check the C:\Users\<yourname>\AppData\Local\Evernote\Evernote\Logs folder, but it is empty, possibly because I re-installed Evernote? There were AppLogs in C:\Users\<yourname>\Evernote\Logs folder, but not being a tech person, I have no clue what they mean, although I think they are from when I use my phone App. I am at my wits end Afina
  4. As I can't even get to the manual sync (because Evernote does not boot up) how do I get to the activity log to see which note is causing a problem. Can you sync from the web version?
  5. I wish it would only take one minute, before it totally stopped, it would be more like five :-(
  6. I"m sure you've already done this, but every time I've had this problem, I had to go in to process manager and kill all Evernote processes. After that, it typically starts just fine, although it sounds like you might have a more aggressive problem here. Thanks for answering. Looking back I realize that I have had some problem for a couple of weeks, EN would load really slowly (took about 5 minutes), but would eventually start. Now it does not seem to get there at all, but the computer is working really hard, fan is blowing, and it gets really hot; so then I have to end the application and processes. I am at my wits end
  7. Since yesterday I can't start Evernote, it just does not respond at all. I uninstalled EN, cleaned the registry with CCleaner, and downloaded EN 5.6. But it still does not respond at start-up. I also inactivated the Windows Search Feature as mentioned above. I think I had EN5.0 before What else can I do? And where would I find an earlier version to download?
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