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  1. Sometimes Evernote's automatic syncing is very disruptive. For example, I'm working on a set of notes and after every single thing I type or delete or paste, Evernote pauses to sync. I wait 3 or 4 times as long for the syncing as it took me to do whatever it was Evernote is syncing. I don't need this stuff synced immediately. I really wish there was a way to turn syncing on and off, but I cannot find any. Turning off my wi-fi seems to help, but that's annoying as I am often needing to find something on the web to paste into a note or printing something from Evernote to my wi-fi printer. If there is a way to toggle syncing on and off, please let me know. If there isn't, I wish it would be added.
  2. I updated iOS and Evernote at the same time recently, so I’m not sure what the culprit us, except that I haven’t had this issue in any other app. The issue is actually two. One, Touching the screen now frequently does not insert the cursor or elicit any response at all. Two, touching a note within a couple of inches of the bottom or side of the note often flips to another note. It’s not even always the next note in the list. Together these issues have seriously disrupted part of my use of Evernote. I use it to make assignment notes for students, part of which I write during their lessons, jotting down things to myself that I can later make understandable for them. But very often, touching the screen has one of the above issues. Is this an iOS issue or an Evernote issue? I really need it fixed. It’s extremely disruptive.
  3. On the ipad version, which now uses the workchat symbol for sharing, in general, the "person+" is greyed out and I cannot share a note. Anyone else having this problem?
  4. Anyway, thank you all for your help, and especially JMichaelTX!
  5. It hasn't only happened with that student, but now I at least know something else to try if it happens again. Would love to know what caused it, as I have 26 students, each with an assignment note and various other notes, and the only thing that really varies from note to note is that certain notes include a table, and there may or may not be a recording, video or link inserted in a note. Tables is the most advanced formatting I use with them. At least, unless you consider lists or colored text advanced formatting. Yet, the problem is very intermittent.
  6. That makes a lot of sense. I'm not totally sure, but it may have happened during the same students' lessons. It has definitely not happened during every lesson and I do believe it has happened, roughly, around the same time when it happened. It hasn't happened tonight, so I looked at the activity log from last night when it did happen and I found something curious. It was humming along quite regularly, doing something ever few seconds or microseconds and then what is shown in the attached file happened. That was when it started delaying and freezing. I just opened the note I had opened then and the slow responding began. Why would a particular note cause that? iPadActivityLogExcerpt.rtf
  7. I have tried everything JMichaelTX suggested except support chat, which I'm about to do. But I have learned it's not a syncing issue—or at least, it's not slowing/freezing because it's syncing. Turning off wifi does nothing. I have both my iMac and iPad in my studio, and if this happens on one, it happens on the other. Last night, it happened on my iPad although wifi was off. I just immediately restarted my iPad and went to my iMac. It was happening there to, and it wasn't syncing. I turned of wifi anyway, and it still happened. It was completely unusable for over half an hour. And then it was fine. I have submitted a bug ticket before concerning this issue, but nothing came of it. So I will do that again, as well as trying support chat.
  8. I'm a piano teacher and use Evernote to make assignment notes for my students, among other things. I do this in real time during lessons, making notes to myself as we go, and then putting the notes in a more understandable and helpful form when I finish teaching for the day. Each student has a notebook I've shared with them, so this works really well. Especially since I can insert recordings, videos, pdfs, etc. But too often, Evernote gets hung up syncing during lessons. I do not know why it does, but sometimes it will be syncing most of the time for 2 or 3 hours. During these times it is extremely slow, frequently freezing. I generally use it on my iPad during lessons, but when this problem occurs it affects the desktop version, as well. So I have to resort to jotting down notes in something else. This is more cumbersome, as my notes are not so well coordinated with the student or what they've been doing and I have to adjust formatting when I copy into Evernote or re-type them. But there seems to be no way to stop syncing. At least on the desktop version I can set a time between syncing, although that does not seem to have anything to do with this problem. On my iPad, though, all I could do, I guess, is turn off Wifi. But I use it while teaching. It's part of the benefit of using my iPad. Is there any way around this issue?
  9. I thought I'd replied to this, but apparently didn't. AppDelete seems to have done the trick. Evernote's working fine now. Thanks!
  10. Due to a problem I'm having, I've been told I should do as the topic says according to the instructions here https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/7107976/Evernote/KB/How-To-Completely-Uninstall-EN-Mac.html But I'm not sure where to find "Evernote Mac," unless that means the app itself. My problem is that I can't get Evernote to open (which developed after installing mac os 10.10.5). Since I'm supposed to "Goto Evernote Mac > About Evernote," it sure seems I'm supposed to open Evernote to do this. If not, where do I find Evernote Mac?
  11. It doesn't appear I can back anything up without first opening Evernote successfully.
  12. Ok. I sync everything and have Evernote on my iPad & iPhone. If everything's on my iPad, then I don't have to back up anything, do I?
  13. Downloaded and reinstalled, but same problem.
  14. Have restarted several times. I have version 6.0.16.
  15. I updated to mac os 10.10.5 and Evernote has not opened since. It will sometimes open, start syncing—apparently with trouble as the syncing symbol moves slowly—then crash. I've sent several reports to y'all. This is really a problem. Kevin
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