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  1. With the recent developments of Chrome and ChromeOS now incorporating packaged apps that allow for offline data and more. I cannot believe that this is a major or heavy implementation, with the increase in Chromebooks and Chrome usage and the direction that Google is toying with I think this is an essential product offering from a business perspective. I have played with Keep and while it is a great product and offers this functionality I prefer Evernote as its a focused app and not at the mercy of Google in terms of product 'life cycling'. Is this a feature Evernote plan to implement? I would even be happy to sign up for a paid account in order to access Evernote in my browser, this way I can ditch yet another desktop App on my Mac
  2. I will bump this one up please as a feature request. I can add my personal and work emails to Box, Podio and a few others and would love Evernote to allow the same process.
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