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  1. BurgersNFries, were you able to find out what went wrong with my account?
  2. By "contact Evernote" do you mean you submitted a ticket? (That's the only way to get support directly from EN.) If so, please post your ticket number here. Not sure how to do these forum things, but here's to trying... And thank you! Ticket# 164656
  3. I too have upgraded to Premium through the iTunes site but my account still says Free. I have tried twice to contact Evernote support. I see that the Premium users get quicker access, but the problem is that I am a Premium user (by virtue of me paying for it but not identified by one by Evernote) and still can't get anyone to help me. Is there another way to handle this? Or has anyone figured out why this is happening and what I need to do to resolve it on my own?
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