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  1. I have mine in hand and have been trying to put it through it's paces. I have to say there is some incredible cool stuff going on here. I also have to say that it doesn't feel like the software for the thing finished it's development cycle. There are all kinds of interactions with evernote possible - but it really isn't doing a whole lot. I'd love to have the basic VDC (the name for the Sync's PC software) simply ask me what notebook I want to synchronize with in Evernote - it simply dumps everything into your default notebook. Which could be ok, but mine is contact related stuff. I guess I will have to figure out how to get Evernote to move the stuff to a notebook for drawings or labeled "Sync" or something of that ilk. The "digitizer mode" or wacom like behavior was an unexpected bonus for me as well - I saw a few demo's and it never got mentioned. I'm not sure how it stacks up - but handy none-the-less. I used it lightly in Illustrator and it was quite usable. I'm also not an artist - so I would defer to a professional with more experience with a tablet to provide input there. There are some quirks which are not working (software related no doubt) with my device. It doesn't work in whiteboard mode (doesn't receive input from the Sync), but will cause an erase call to the tablet if you click the software erase button. So that feature is useless for me. (And the same is true for the Android app - no white board mechanism). The Android app doesn't download from my Sync properly, so there is a disconnect there. I could write more - but it would be simply a Sync review without any interaction with Evernote described. I can generalize this way though: this device is very close to being the kind of thing I would use 24/7 for note taking, sketching, doodling if the interconnection between it, my android (S4), and my laptop were polished. When/if the bugs are worked out and it delivers on it's potential - it could be the game changer that allows me to actually be functionally organized and not spend time moving things from a to b to z and spend precious time managing my organization as opposed to letting the technology do it for me. And I never thought I'd see the day when that really happened. The business potential for this thing is also through the roof for me... but not with the bugs and not until it is polished.
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