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  1. I agree with the overwhelming dislike for the product in this form. I have used evernote for years and now it is completely useless to me. I used to be able to open the app, click on a workbook and start writing. Now the workflow (if there even is one) has changed so drastically, I can't function with it. Penultimate is a separate tool from Evernote. Get that through your thick skulls. IMHO you tried to consolidate two apps into one and in doing so screwed up both! Why don't you talk to people who use these apps everyday? The best solution right now is to revert back and re-think how to approach the whatever it is you want to do. IF YOU DON'T DO SOMETHING VERY QUICKLY, WE WILL FIND AN ALTERNATIVE GO TO APP. OUR WORKDAY GOES ON AND WE NEED TO PRODUCE EVERY DAY, AND TIME IS MONEY. I will abandon penultimate unless this is changed within the next few days. Get this: I am upset that you are wasting my time!
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